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Business Information by Gladys Edmunds

Business Information by Gladys Edmunds
At age 15 Gladys developed a travel service that would prosper for more than 30 years. She is a national award winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author and columnist. Visit her at

Use Time Wisely!

Use Time Wisely!

Do you remember your school days when the teacher would write on your school papers “Does not use time wisely?” I sure do! I would waste time talking to my classmates or on rainy days watching raindrops form patterns as they rolled down the windowpane. Or, some days would find me doodling on my notebook while I daydreamed of being a princess in some far-off kingdom.

After writing those telling words in red on a weeks’ worth of writing assignments. Mrs. Daly, my third-grade teacher took me aside one day and told me that I was intelligent and that I could use my intelligence to do and be many great things in life. Or, she said, that I could use that intelligence to continue wasting my time, which would result in my becoming the oldest third grader in the history of education. The choice was mine. Of course, having the desire to move from the third to the fourth grade made me choose the former.

Success eludes many because they don’t use time wisely. There are many people who live like they have 500 years of life left to live, and so they waste precious time. And rarely reach their dreams in life.

Recently, a friend whom I will call Barb talked with me about her husband’s employment situation. Seems that Harry, Barb’s husband, is in a job that is beneath his talent, skill and education. He is very talented, with a degree from Yale University. Barb says that Harry talks about starting his own consulting firm but he always says that there is no time at the present, but he will definitely get to it. Yet he is able to find time to play long hours of chess with his friends and read all of the fictional best sellers as soon as they get to the bookstore.

Barb knows that deep down Harry does want his own business, but so far, he has done nothing toward getting started.

Barb wanted any information that I could muster up to help her to help her husband make a start toward his dream of having his own company.

There are many people like Harry. They don’t value time and use it wisely. There are those among us who find plenty of ways to pass the time and proceed to live like they have no time constraints at all. These are usually the folks who reach old age and feel like life has cheated them of living.

Some of the signs are: Taking jobs below your skill level; spending time playing computer games; or, allowing friends to interrupt you with long, useless telephone conversations.

A few months ago, a woman I know told me that she had set a goal to complete 2,500 crossword puzzles that she had located on the Internet. At the time of our conversation she had managed to complete 750 of them in six months. She is a very talented photographer who is constantly complaining that she hasn’t gotten a photo contract in weeks. When she’s not figuring out crossword puzzles she’s calling people on the phone just for a chat. At least that’s the reason she said that she called me.

A good way to cure this problem is to become aware of your day-to-day activities. Most folks move through the day in complete unawareness. They don’t recall at the end of the day what went on in their lives that day nor how it impacted them. Unless of course something earth-shattering happened. Set small daily goals and make a point to reach them.

As for my friend, she can encourage Harry to become more aware of how he spends his days and nudge him to recognize the time-wasting trait in his personality. However, she must keep in mind that sometimes even the most intelligent person cannot easily take advice and must learn about life on his own. On the other hand, I told her that she could try giving him one of those do-it-yourself greeting cards that will remind him that four score and ten is a blessing, all over that is a gift, and none of us can count on an endless life span. She could sign the card with “time is precious; use it wisely.”

In the meantime, is life delivering your dreams and desires? Are you meeting both your short-term and long-term goals? In other words, are you using time wisely?

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