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Archive of Gina Blitstein

Archive of Gina Blitstein
Communicating with Competence, Confidence and Conviction as a New Boss
Start from day one as the boss to speak, as well as act, with the authority of your position.... more
Reaping Greater Benefits When Outsourcing Your Company's Marketing
Is it time to consider outsourcing your company's marketing?... more
Crafting a Powerful Vision Statement to Guide Your Company Toward the...
A vision statement puts your company on a path toward the future. Make it a good one!... more
Conducting Performance Reviews That Benefit Both You and Your Employees
Monitoring your employees' performance is a critical part of your teams' overall productivity.... more
New Leader Missteps: Avoiding 8 Potential Stumbling Blocks
Being promoted and having to take on leadership responsibilities is a huge deal. However, not all the time do strong leadership skills occur naturally. There are common missteps that can be avoided.... more
Identifying and Encouraging Exceptional Employees
When it comes to employees, every business is going to have over achievers and people who just slide by. Being able to distinguish between the two and encourage them to be the best they can is key to running a successful business.... more
Interview Tips for Filling That Position with a Well-Suited Candidate
Having a clear job description and getting to know your candidates can make the process highly effective for finding a good match for your company.... more
Making Your Employees' Continuing Education a Priority
There is always something new to know or be educated on. That is why continuing education for yourself and employees is important.... more
Healthy Leadership: Avoid Being a Toxic Boss
Do not be a toxic boss. Be aware of some of the common missteps that can take you away from being a great boss who employs healthy leadership strategies.... more
2 Impactful Ways to Up Your Online Business' Credibility With Customers
Is your online business credible? Take some simple measures to create credibility with your customers.... more
Do You Lead an Impassioned Workforce?
As a business owner or boss you need to set a good example for your employees. Leading your office with passion and enthusiasm is an important part of a good example.... more
Making Your Payroll Pay Off for You
A huge expense of any business is payroll. You want to pay your employees their fair pay but you also want to assure you are getting fair value for every dollar paid out.... more
Five Tips for Getting That Stuck Project DONE!
Can't get it done? Try to rethink the problem to find the solutions that will help get your project completed.... more
How's My Leadership? Digging Deep to Get Your Employees' True Feelings
Allow them to speak up. As a boss you should allow your employees to speak freely about their opinions of what is working and what is not.... more
Crowdfunding to Kickstart Your Project
Everybody has some dream or idea they want to turn into reality. The problem with reality is it costs money. Crowdfunding can be an option to consider to kick start your plan.... more
Is 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, Still the Right Hours...
Does your business still follow the “normal business hours?” The 9 to 5... more
Get Your Point Across: Effective Communication Tips for Employers
Strong, clear, meaningful communication with your staff will help your business to run more smoothly and effectively.... more
Dear New Boss: Seven Things Your Employees Want You to Know
Becoming a new boss is an awesome promotion. However there are things you should keep in mind, that your employees would want you to consider.... more
Combating Employees' Burnout Benefits Both You and Them
Combating employee burnout can make your company a more productive, efficient, better workplace for both you and your employees.... more
Mark Your Calendar for Realized Goals in the New Year
A new year is like a clean slate upon which you can write a bigger, better story for your business.... more
Assess Last Year's Productivity to Set a Path to Next Year's...
Making it through one year with your business is a success. To ensure a higher success next year is very likely if you learn, research and strategize based off of everything that went on the previous year.... more
Garnering Good Press from a Publicity Gaffe: Making Lemonade from Lemons
A publicity gaffe can cause real headaches for your business. Take the right steps to alleviate the damage and rectify your reputation.... more
Staffing Your Startup for Success
Every new business needs a great staff. It may seem challenging at first but knowing the right ways and tricks to attract the best people will make it a whole lot easier.... more
Enhancing the Customer Experience in Your Boutique Business
Get to know your customers. A boutique setting should give customers personalized attention. It's not just about your inventory.... more
Two Things Your Customers Can't Get Online
Even though selling things online is very popular, the customers are still missing two things. You can't provide your customers with you and the five-senses experience.... more
A Guide to Decision Making for the Boss Who Doesn't Know...
As a boss of a company, you have the responsibility of all big decisions. It can become a burden for you. Just because you are the boss does not mean you do not need guidance as well.... more
Seven Things Your Small Business Can Offer That Big Businesses Can't
The source of a small business' power lies in what you sell and how you offer it. A smaller business has more freedom to give their customers what they want.... more
When You're the New Boss in Town
Taking the reigns of a new-to-you business is an exhilarating experience.... more
Consistent Customer Care Keeps 'Em Coming Back
Learning how to handle customer care and being consistent with it, is what will keep them coming back.... more
Resolving Conflict: Making the Most of Difficult Conversations with Employees
In order to keep a strong relationship going, you need to be able to solve conflicts efficiently.... more
Hiring: Recognizing the Value of Today's Various Educational Tracks
In today's day in age, a lot of students pursue alternatives instead of traditional universities. As a business owner, if you were to change your qualifications when hiring someone, you would find a lot more potential hirees.... more
The Importance of Infrastructure Upgrades: A Cautionary Tale
Make it a priority to frequently assess your business’ infrastructure and update/upgrade accordingly.... more
The Importance of Being Ethical
Business ethics are a combination of rules of common, civil workplace decency and guidelines you choose to follow based upon your values and moral code.... more
Qualities That Make a Strong Manager
A business with strong, competent management is more likely to have content, loyal employees who, in turn, make positive impressions on customers.... more
Encouraging Employees to Take Those Accrued Vacation Days
In the long run, it is better when your employees take some time for rest, relaxation and recreation. They will return with increased energy, focus and dedication - and that is good for your business.... more
Determine, Own and Promote Your Business' Niche
One business cannot do everything, realizing that is important. To provide the best service to your customers focus on that one thing you do best.... more
Assuring That "In with the New" is a Positive Experience for...
Businesses should routinely check in with customers to see what they're looking for. New products, some changes or new technology can make the difference.... more
Measuring Your Business' Subjective Success
There are numerous ways to evaluate the success of your business.... more
Three Ways to Raise Your Business' Reputation in the Eyes of...
The way your business is perceived by the public is more important than virtually any other factor.... more
Ensuring Accountability and Productivity with Flexible Schedules
Flexible schedules can be one of the best choices you can make to keep your employees happy, which can lead to greater productivity and boost job satisfaction.... more
Work/Life Balance 2017: Continuing to Facilitate Employees' Needs
Work/life balance is an ever-evolving concept. The happier your employees are with the balance they achieve between work and their personal lives the more efficiency they will bring to the table during the work day.... more
Purge Your Business of Unnecessary Things, Expenses and Bad Habits
Whatever brings you to the tipping point, consider it an opportunity; an opportunity to streamline procedures, purge bad habits and cut unnecessary expenses.... more
Healthy Workforce, Healthy Business
Your business will perform better when its workforce is healthy. It’s in an employer’s best interest to foster a workplace that values the health and well-being of the team.... more
"I could write a book..." Using Your Business' Stories to Inspire...
Although each individual business has their own stories, the lessons they contain can fit various scenarios in a multitude of businesses. Keep your ears open for the stories your business can share to inspire and enlighten others.... more
Moving On Up: Proactive Tips for Relocating Your Business
Reduce the stress of relocating your business by proactively reaching out to the local government to understand regulatory requirements and the community to show your intention to become a good neighbor.... more
Hire a Diverse Team of Employees to Help Your Business Perform...
Make your pool of potential employees as diverse as possible to ensure you hire personnel who can help your business be enlightened and have more to offer your customers.... more
What Can Be Gleaned from Business Gurus?
Consulting business guru types can inspire and guide you, but remember to choose that which suits your business' interests best and follow the advice on your own terms.... more
Alternatives to Purchasing Pricey Office Needs
One of a business' most significant costs are its office expenses. Purchase outright that what is critical and take advantage of lower cost options for the rest.... more
Enhancing Your Website's Appeal with Supplemental Content
When the website's content is relevant, interesting and informative, viewers will stay longer and be far more likely to do business with you.... more
Every Business Can Benefit from Having a Website - Even Yours!
A website affords the opportunity to describe your business and its offerings in detail and gives and demonstrates to customers that your business actually exists.... more
What's the Appropriate Workplace Environment for Your Business?
The environment of your workplace sets the pace and mood for your entire team. Choosing and maintaining the appropriate work environment is paramount to keeping your team optimally motivated and productive. You can choose between a formal environment, a casual environment, or someplace in between.... more
Diversify Your Workplace: Hire Employees from These Alternative Groups
When looking to augment your workforce, look into some alternative pools you may not have considered, such as veterans, people with disabilities, homeless, etc. Hiring non-traditional employees will enhance your team by adding a diversity of experience and high degree of job appreciation not usually... more
Promoting Political Passions in the Workplace
Be cautious when exercising your political views and/or passions within your business. For the amount of people that will gravitate towards you because they agree with your views, there will be just as many that will walk away because of the same thing.... more
Politically Speaking: Guidelines to Deal with Clashing Opinions in the Workplace
How to deal with political opinions, communications and possible disagreements among employees in your place of business. The establishment and enforcement of guidelines sets a standard of expectation for employees.... more
Automating Routine Customer Service Communications
Automated processes can make it easier for you to keep in close communication with customers with ease and convenience. Automation can help you reach more customers easily and quickly. Let automation work in your favor.... more
Negotiating Payment Terms to Increase Profits
In order to keep money steadily flowing into your business, you should establish standard payment terms and guidelines with your vendors and clients. It is all about finding ways to spend less and bring in more.... more
What's in a (New) Name for Your Business?
Sometimes a new business name is in order. Renaming can do wonders for making the particular nature of your business easily conveyed. Clarification, appeal, recognition - that is what is in a new business name.... more
Pass It On... Online Reviews are Powerful Consumer Influencers
Online reviews are powerful tools to help spread the word - and opinions - about your business.... more
Handling Holidays: To Close or Not to Close?
Staying open on holidays can strain employee morale. Asking for volunteers to work on a holiday, incentivize holiday work, or closing up shop for the day are acceptable alternatives to a mandatory work schedule when employees would prefer to spend quality time with loved ones.... more
Minimizing Your Business' Losses from Customer Theft
... more
Customizing Your Marketing So Your Business Stands Out From the Rest
If you are not customizing your business marketing strategy to appeal to your customer’s senses, inspire, or provide timely information, chances are it is blending in with the racket most consumers shut out. Personalize your marketing and stand out from the rest.... more
Leveraging Consumer Values to Grow Your Clientele
To grow your clientele, give people what they want. They will appreciate you for it and spend money with the business that shares their interests and values.... more
Help Your Business Stay Viable in a Changing World
The key to longevity is to continue meeting the needs of your current customers while attracting new ones.... more
Extinguishing Professional Burnout
Do you find yourself becoming burnt out with your business? With Gina's advice, take the necessary steps to address your lack of motivation, attain a new perspective of duties, and how to avoid burnout. Your business needs you in top form. Do not let your burnout drag it...... more
Movies in Business
Through drama, laughter and tears, movies can impact us on a variety of levels, both personal and professional.... more
Social Media-Based Discount Programs for Your Business: Make New Customers but...
Those discount deals offered through social media may seem like a grand slam home run to you. Perhaps, but perhaps it is only a one hit wonder.... more
Lessons from Last Year Make Your Business' New Year Bright
So, how was business in 2015? Did you learn from any mistakes you made? If so, your future looks bright.... more
2 Ways Inspiring Business Practices Can Inspire Your Business' Success
If your business is not hitting on all cylinders, you may not have to re-invent the whole company. Look around you to study and emulate other success stories.... more
Your Business' Identity: Keeping it Real
What type of business do you operate? Your business ID is based on the quality of the product you sell, and there are different ways to market based upon what you are selling. Let's take a look.... more
What Can You Do To Prevent Employee Theft in Your Company?
Employee theft has become a widespread and costly problem for small businesses across America. Here are some ways to make your company more protected.... more
More Than an Online Catalog: Using Your Website to Promote All...
Provide information about your business' full array of offerings on your website and spread the word that you offer more than just products for sale.... more
Triggers for Successful Marketing: Transactional Emails Hit the Spot with Customers
If you are searching for another way to boost marketing efforts, take a look at transactional e-mails.... more
Making It Work When Working in the Family Business
Despite the inherent challenges, balance can be found and success can be enjoyed in a family-operated business.... more
Entrepreneurs: Taking Time Off to Attend to Personal Matters
The time will come when you need to take some time off from work. Here is how to insure your business continues to run smoothly.... more
Relocating Your Business: A 4-Step Adventure in Logistics
Carpenters always say, Measure twice, cut once. Consider that philosophy when it comes to moving your own business. Planning, planning, planning!... more
They'll Be Back! - Rewarding Customers for Their Loyalty
It is a very smart idea to take especially good care of your loyal repeat customers to ensure their continued patronage of your business... more
Got a 'Million Dollar Idea?' Patent It!
If you have envisioned something you feel could make you a millionaire, get out there and get yourself a patent! Here';s how it is done.... more
There's Power in Numbers: Forming a Professional Cooperative to Promote Your...
If getting your business properly marketed is not working for you, here is another path to consider. It is called a professional cooperative.... more
Reality Check: How Does Your Employees' Experience at Work Match What...
How sure are you policies you want put in place to improve your employees’ experience are actually being performed? Let’s take a look.... more
Keeping Up with Technology: The Right Mobile Plans and Phones for...
Reevaluate your company's mobile needs and your current equipment and plans regularly to ensure you have what you need and are not overpaying.... more
Make Every Day Employee Appreciation Day
Make every day “employee appreciation day” and see how your workforce responds with greater effort and diligence on the job.... more
The Basics of Beneficial Business Partnerships
Has your business reached the stage where you need to consider having a partner? Here is a checklist to follow when searching for that perfect partner.... more
Pump Up Your Website's Ability to Sell for You
Your business has a website, but is that site as good tool as it can be to drive business your way? Let's find out.... more
Run Your Business Better With Your Technology Partners: Tablets and Smartphones
With Tablets and smartphones you are able to conduct more business while on-the-go.... more
Curate Your Best Professional Team by Hiring From Within
Looking for new help at work? Have you taken a close look at who’s already there? Hiring from within is a great way to make your company stronger.... more
Get Serious About Password Security
Since computers and mobile devices are the new lifeblood of business, you need to make sure your password security plans are safe and sound.... more
Different than the Big Guys - Marketing the Attributes Your Small...
Forget about the box stores and online merchants. Your small, local business has many tools to stand out and grow. Here is how.... more
Be Prepared to Deal with Regulation Changes That Affect Your Business
Regulations, laws, and financial issues change every year. There is a simple solution to insure your business stays compliant. You need to keep on top of it all... more
New Year, New Laws: An Overview of Their Implications to Your...
A new year means new laws, regulations, and potential problems if you aren’t paying attention. Here are some tips.... more
Kick Your Business into Shape with Big and Small Changes in...
As the New Year takes hold, are you and your business where you need to be for 2015? We can help.... more
Choosing and Supporting an Effective Office Manager
it is crucial to hire the right person to fill Office Manager position.... more
Well Suited: Dressing the Part for Professional Success
What you wear to work, how you wear it, and how you blend in are very important, even in this more casual day.... more
To Buy or Lease? That is the Question
It is not a simple decision to lease space or purchase your own. We have the pros and cons of each option for small business owners.... more
Even Entrepreneurs Need a Little Help Now and Then: Consulting Experts...
No matter how good a businessperson you are, there are times to speak with a specialist. Here are ideas on how to plan for that.... more
In Sickness and in Health: Keeping Your Workplace Productive with an...
Having an Employee Illness Policy in place shows you care about your business and the people who make it happen on a daily basis.... more
What’s Your Operational Policy? Ensuring a Consistent Business Experience
Operational policies are vital to building an organization that operates smoothly and constantly puts your business' best foot forward.... more
Returning to the Workforce Professionally and Personally Satisfied
What you learn about yourself during your professional hiatus can help you take charge of your career and move forward professionally in a more satisfying way.... more
Lessons in Free Enterprise: Students Learn the Ropes of Entrepreneurship
You and your small business can play a huge role in helping American youth further the ideals of entrepreneurship. Here is how.... more
The Charitable Company's Appeal to Customers
An effective way to market your business is by being a charitable company which supports causes and charities that are important to it and its clientele.... more
Turning Your Business' Professional Solution into a Marketable Offering
Perhaps your business has developed something along the way to create your product. That something may be worth its weight in gold. Here is how.... more
Raising Prices and Influencing People
Higher prices may actually increase your business.... more
Remaining a Preferred Vendor While Charging More
Customers who appreciate the quality and level of service you provide will be willing to pay more to do business with you.... more
When it Is Not Working Out: Firing an Employee
You are not sure if it is time to fire this worker or employee. This is a major decision and we have lots of things you need to know before pulling the trigger.... more
The Basics of Managing Others Effectively
An effective manager will strive to get the most done for the company at large while keeping employees motivated and satisfied.... more
Enhance Your Perceived Professionalism by Cultivating Your Professional Appearance
Our appearance speaks volumes about us.... more
Hire and Higher: Selecting the Right Candidate to Benefit Your Business
You have posted a job opening and are flooded with resumes. We have some great ideas on how to best sift through the stack to find the best candidate for the job.... more
Finding an Employee with the Right Stuff: A Guide to Writing...
To bring someone onboard to help you manage your business. What's the most important step? Write a complete job description to attract the right person.... more
How Much is It Worth to You? Determining an Appropriate Salary...
How do you determine the right salary to attract the best candidates? We have some great ideas to help you there.... more
Discovering and Creating the Most Pleasant and Productive Work Environment for...
you need to understand the changing dynamic of a formal office and we have tons of thoughts to help you with that.... more
Discovering and Creating the Most Pleasant and Productive Work Environment for...
you need to understand the changing dynamic of a formal office and we have tons of thoughts to help you with that.... more
Promote Your Blog Content through Blogger Outreach
If your small business is making extensive use of the Social Media, we have an idea how to make your reach much greater. It is called blogger outreach.... more
Shared Calendars for a More Cohesive Workplace
As your business grows, there will be more people involved in making decisions. Are you all on the same page?... more
Cyber Security - What Could Happen to Your Data?
It's been big news for months now, big firms with huge cyber security faults. It's the sort of incident that has caused a great loss of confidence from customers.... more
Cyber Security - How to Protect Your Data
When your business has and is entrusted with secure data, you bear a serious responsibility for keeping it safe from mishandling.... more
Starting or Expanding a Business - Advice and Resources for a...
Now that we've started a new year, it's the perfect time to re-examine just about all of your 2013 business plans.... more
Starting or Expanding a Business - Advice and Resources for a...
Now that we've started a new year, it's the perfect time to re-examine just about all of your 2013 business plans.... more
4 Areas to Address for a More Organized Business in 2014
Check to see in what area's your business could improve its organization.... more
4 Areas to Address for a More Organized Business
Check to see in what area's your business could improve its organization.... more
A Retrospective: 2 Boons to Small Local Businesses
Consumers and businesses are working together to ensure that small local business thrive in and provide for their communities.... more
A Retrospective: 2 Boons to Small Local Businesses in 2013
Consumers and businesses are working together to ensure that small local business thrive in and provide for their communities.... more
Convenient Collaboration Using Google Maps
Google Maps is a convenient way to provide and access information about locations to anyone who needs it, wherever they are.... more
Embrace Your Inexperience - You're Only a "Newbie" Once!
Embrace your Newbie status in business world. A fresh set of eyes brings a whole new vision.... more
Reputation and Recommendations: The Service Provider's Dynamic Duo
You work hard to build and maintain a strong reputation. Bank on that reputation by collecting recommendations from your satisfied customers. They can give your business a significant edge in the marketplace!... more
3 Basics for Determining a Business Pricing Strategy
description... more
Four Steps to Overcoming Professional Rejection
Don't allow professional rejection to hinder you. Follow these four steps to Overcoming Professional Rejection and move on to a brighter future.... more
After the Proposal: Surviving the "Waiting Game"
Spend the time between your proposal and their response wisely. Don't let the Waiting Game get in the way of your production.... more
The Art of Crafting a Winning Proposal
You can master the art of crafting a winning proposal by keeping your perspective and writing them thoughtfully and assertively with your client's needs top-of-mind.... more
Evaluating and Implementing a To-Do System for Greater Productivity
So you're searching for an organization system to help manage your to-do tasks and increase your productivity. In the first installment of this two-part series, entitled, "Choosing a To-Do System for Greater Productivity," I...... more
Choosing a To-Do System for Greater Productivity
Have you reached the point in your personal or professional life where you feel disorganization is dragging you down and preventing you from doing the things you need to do? That's a stressful situation...... more
Choosing and Using Keywords to Get Your Business Found in Internet...
Much like an employee, your business’ website should represent, sell, inform and engage on behalf of your company, ultimately building your business and contributing to your revenue. The most direct way to realize benefits...... more
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