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Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

As a small-business owner, you must understand your industry sector on every level. Staying abreast of developments in your field gives you the capacity to acquire and retain customers, stay competitive, provide excellent service and foster customer loyalty. What’s more, networking with both colleagues and competitors allows you to learn from their successes and failures, and to make sure you’re following best practice guidelines.

The bottom line: The entrepreneur that consistently provides the most up-to-date and reliable information – as well as the products and services today’s customers need – will be the one they go to and stick with.

The following sections feature ten industries that are rapidly evolving to meet the 21st century’s social and economic fluctuations. These pages are packed with resources on their respective professional organizations, networking opportunities, government and regulatory agencies, publications, trade events, advocacy and much more. Use this information as a springboard to a thriving, competitive business.

  • Accounting

    Here is the portal to hundreds of resources that, from a professional perspective, practicing accountants will find priceless. Regardless of the area of specialization, this site offers links to technical assistance, operational guidelines, industry information, breaking news and a toolbox of strategies to make running an accounting practice just a bit simpler.

  • Agriculture

    Whether an agricultural enterprise grows corn, cotton, grain or cattle, the information contained in the sections listed here covers subjects most important to any modern farm owner. Consider this site a one-stop shop for in-depth industry reports, technical guides, advocacy groups, farming news and a variety of resources that can make profitability a probability!

  • Construction

    Many factors play a part in determining the ebb and flow of the construction industry. From problems as universal as increased demand on materials to more regional issues like a saturated market, builders must prepare for drastic peaks and slumps in business. The following sections offer information to keep construction companies moving dirt rather than pushing daisies.

  • Dental

    A keystroke or two opens the door to hundreds of sites on many practice areas - a generous representation of what today's practitioners need to know. Regardless of the specialization, these sections offer in-depth industry info, news, technical support and business tools geared to keeping dental professionals conversant and current in their disciplines.

  • Legal

    With the touch of a key, visit databases addressing virtually every issue impacting the modern legal practitioner. From landmark decisions to law libraries; breaking news to conference opportunities; continuing education to statistics, trends and more – consider this the "go-to" source for nearly everything a savvy legal pro needs to know.

  • Manufacturing

    Tap a couple of keys to visit hundreds of Web pages on just about every subject modern manufacturers need to understand. Whether the product is steel or stoneware; glass or griddles; food or fashions, rely on this site for in-depth industry information, breaking news, technical tips and all sorts of tools that make staying in the black a little bit easier.

  • Medical

    A keystroke or two opens the door to hundreds of sites on many practice areas - a generous representation of what today’s practitioners need to know. Regardless of the specialization, these sections offer connections to in-depth industry info, news, regulatory bodies, technical support and business tools geared to keeping physicians professionals conversant and current in their disciplines.

  • Real Estate

    A Realtor® is looked upon as a trusted source for clients to navigate the real estate market. Everything from being knowledgeable about real estate laws and forms to staying up-to-date with real estate related topics and local neighborhood information. There are a wide variety of operational aspects that go into daily business operations and making a successful career for yourself within the real estate industry. You can find more information on a variety of real estate related topics to add to your real estate toolkit throughout this section.

  • Restaurants

    One of the biggest "people" businesses around today, the restaurant industry runs on a mix of fine food, top service, good management and effective marketing. The information offered in the sections below addresses these key factors and many more. Sample this eclectic menu of timely reports, technical tips and breaking news to satisfy every craving for success.

  • Retail

    It’s all here - links to hundreds of web pages on every subject today’s retailer should understand. Visitors to this site can access solid, timely information on technology, management strategies, staffing, record-keeping, regulation, trade organizations and news from around the nation. Making sales has never been so easy!

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