Quick Ratio

The quick ratio is another calculation used to measure liquidity and is similar to the current ratio but with more limited definitions of assets and liabilities.

Definition Quick Ratio equals Quick Assets divided by Current Liabilities
Quick assets include cash, accounts receivable less any allowance for uncollectable accounts and very liquid marketable securities. In other words, assets that are available to very quickly pay vendors and others.
Current liabilities include accounts payable, accrued liabilities, taxes and other liabilities that are due within a year.
Quick Ratio Calculator
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Quick Ratio

Working with your quick ratio

Your quick ration will probably be less than your current ratio because the numerator of the calculation excludes items such as inventory and receivables that are not expected to be paid soon. A quick ratio of greater than 2 is usually considered good, but if the collection period of your accounts receivable stretches longer than your payment period for payables, you should be cautious.